Vic Mensa X Orange Soda X Chicago


This song is SOOO DOPE. Vic Mensa was the lead singer from the beast group Kids These Days who were on there way to big thangs outta Chicago.  They even performed on Conan last year. Recently, KTD disbanded though. Much respect to all of the members, and I guess you could say Vic Mensa is "breaking out and doin his own thing". If you read the link below as to the breakup of KTD it sounds so familiar to a situation I can relate to:)


Anyhow, look for Vic's mixtape "Innanetape" due out soon!  This is his first song "Orange Soda", and man it's so damn good! Reminds me a little of Pharrell and where he's at right now musically. But, I digress you judge for yourself cause Vic really can't be labeled.