Reign Show Seattle


Hey, so I wanted to share this really cool video with you all. The reason why? Well, this Friday I'm gonna be hosting, and supporting the Chicago version of "Reign", called, "Academy Of Heroes". Basically, a super super cool event showcasing independent artists, and social media superstars. I mean STARZ like "Lil Crazed, and Timothy De La Ghetto". If you don't know them you betta recognize LOL! Seriously, the event info is below, and you can still cop your tickets. If you wanna WIN a few pair from me go to my BLOG section right now and read up! Oh, I almost forgot, even though the event showcases Asian American's that doesn't mean you need to be Asian to come LOL! Just like if your Mexican, African-American, Polish, whatever you are you should be proud of your ethnicity just like I am and represent right? At the end of the day man we're all the same as I see it. We all bleed red, and outside skin color is just that. Peep "Academy Of Heroes" show 411 below.