Eminem Lose Yourself


When I post these video's they come from a certain place inside me. How I'm feeling. What mood I'm in. What time it is. What good or bad things happened to me that day. I literally spent an hour before bed thinking what video to post. I saw the new Earl Sweatshirt joint, but I wanted to go back in time and literally went thru some of my favorite artists I grew up on. Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang, Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, and NAS. I had to make a decision. Than it came to me. What was I thinkin??


Eminem! DUH! Quite simply the best "storyteller/lyricist" ever. At least in my opinion. Maybe because I can relate to his struggle, and not having a strong family support system. Maybe, cause this song speaks of "B-Rabbit's" struggle to succeed although he keeps gettin knocked down. I understand. I've always felt this way. Not sure why. I'm probably battling the worst times in my life right now, but hey I'm not the only one right?


Eminem made this legendary track during "8 Mile". By the way, one of the DOPEST movies ever made.


Turn it up and get inspired.