2009 Silverdome Radio Awards

Held by the Illinois Broadcasters Association “Julian On The Radio” won 1st Place for the 3rd year in a row (2006-2009).

  • 1st Place for Best Local Radio Show (before moving to Mornings)
  • 1st Place for ‘Best Locally Produced Show’ (no syndication) for the Chicago market

2008 Jacobs Media Award

“President Of Radio” Contest and Winner  VIDEO /website

B96 Morning Drive

  • We inherited 16th place when we started.  In over a year we took it to #1
  • Consistent ratings contender

B96 Nite Ninja Show

  • Number 1 across the board for 3.5 years
  • I think it was the last of the “Morning Show At Night” strategies. I didn’t talk just to talk.  I only paid off longer form material when it was worth it, and I knew I could get ears to stay with me. Proof is in the results and this was also in PPM.
  • The direct competition went thru 2 different jocks when I was onboard
  • My last PPM results had the nightshow #1 18-34

WIHT-HOT 995, Washington DC

  • Took the show from “worst to first” (non-ethnic) over my stay of 4 years handling the nightshow from 2002-2006.
  • Consistently Top 2 18-34P, no lower than Top 3 in the target demo.
  • Consistently Top 2 18-34 Females
  • #1 Teens 12-17


  • 2010-Really cool write-up from Chicago blogger, and now with LA based Hot New Hip Hop, Jen De Leon about my story.  Peep it here
  • 2008-Well known Chicagoan, and 20 year broadcaster Rich Kaempfer caught up with me to hear what I had to say about Radio, and where I came from.  The article is right here
  • 2008-I was awarded the “Citizen President Award” From Jacobs Media!   If I were nominated President Of Radio What Would I Do To Fix It?  Read more and view the video now.
  • 2007-2008-For the second year in a row I snagged the SilverDome Award for “Best Local Chicago Radio Personality”, along with honors in their new category of “Best Podcasting”!  All the results can be found online @ ILBA.ORG.
  • Featured In All Access “10 Questions”, in 2003, 2006, and 2008, for Top 40, and Top 40/R. Radio Industry Media Website
  • 2007-Awarded as the B96 “Rookie of The Year” at our year ending X-Mas Party. Now, where’s my actual award?
  • 2007-2008-We will soon see the results again as held by the ILBA who grabs the award which I won last year!
  • 2006-2007-In my very first year here in Chicago I won the SilverDome Award for “Best Local Talent In The Market”. Online @ ILBA.ORG
  • 2006-2007-I was featured in an article for Clubline Magazine locally here in Chicago as “Julian The Night Ninja”, to talk about my arrival here to the market and why B96 made the move.
  • 2006-2007-I was chosen as a celebrity judge for Fox TV’s “Chicago Idol”. We had the opportunity to judge incredible local talent live on Fox for one week straight leading up to the finale. Props to David Viggiano!
  • 2003-2004- I was bestowed by the OCA-Washington DC Chapter, with the “Pioneer Of The Year Award”, held in Rockville, MD.
  • In 2002- I was recognized in the Washington DC Market (my very first year doing nights @ Hot 995) as “Best Local Talent In The Market”, at the 2002 AIR Awards Presentation, in Washington DC.