React X Spring Awakening X Soldier Field

Admin | June 17, 2013

So, I missed the Friday and Saturday show due to personal issues. Those personal issues I’ll reveal soon which actually is connected with my professional career.  Anyhow, I won’t lie that blew but the Sunday show was definitely super fun and made me wish I didn’t have responsibilities in life so I could just party.

My homies Victor, Adrian, and I rolled out to Soldier Field around 6pm. We caught Tommy Trash, ATB, Porter Robinson, Excision, and Calvin Harris. I’ll be the first one to admit I dig EDM but I’m definitely not the type to know every single track, and who did what remix and what not. Victor knew everything about the line up being he’s in the industry and follows these Dj’s religiously. Personally, ATB is always great to experience with his long history of success. I was hearing music he made like 10 years ago taking me back.  Tommy Trash impressed me. He had the entire audience bouncing on level 10 thru his entire set. And, of course Calvin Harris with all his familiar music performed live right in front of your very eyes was just surreal. Combine that with an extensive light show, and badass fireworks display just made the performance that much better.

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PS-Is it me or there were way to many underagers and neon going on though? LOL



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