You know how most of us always think, and worry about “what am I gonna do when I grow up”? I was just like you until I saw how radio allowed us to make people laugh, and feel some type of emotion. After that man, I was inspired…I would love for you to know first and foremost that my show is all about YOU. I love putting people on the air every night, and if you got something to say this is YOUR show.


Props: My mentor and friend Jeff Wyatt, Matthew Blades, Mike Klein, Rik McNeil, DJ “Furious Styles”, “Lil Bro Marshall”, Joe Rosati, Frankie V, Jojo, Dan Edwards, Jake Redman, Gary Best Kustoms, all the interns and promotions peeps I have had the pleasure of working with, and everyone else who has helped me along the way and been a true friend.