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B96 Fan Mail

Yo! Wat up Julian On The Radio. This is Javier from express at the Harlem and Irving Plaza. Just want to let you know it was quite an honor helping u out, im sorry i didnt recognize you at first lol but it was awesome seeing a widely known chicago guy buying some regular clothes. Your a funny guy and i really enjoy your morning on-air personality. From all of us at the H.I.P thanks for coming in and we hope to see you again. P.S We have a lot more good deals, if you want them you know where we’re at.



From: ####### []
Sent: Mon 1/26/2009 8:10 PM
To: ##########
Subject: the bachelor spoof

I heard your spoof on the bachelor this morning on the radio station
and was extremely offended by the asian bachelor you had made fun of
this morning.  I think being an asian it is very offensive and pretty
much makes fun of asian men in general.  I am a huge fan of the
bachelor, bu t for you guys to put an asian guy with an accent really
offends me.  I did not think it was funny at all, in fact it was very
distasteful and not funny at all. I would appreciate it if there was
maybe an apology made over the air to anyone else who was offended by
this spoof.  After hearing this, it will be hard for me to listen to
your radio station.  I have no respect for you all from now on.

D### T####
630 ###-####



Julian, you don’t know me, but I’m writing to give you props on your creativity, style and swagger on the radio. Surfing through Urbaninsite I saw your aircheck. I enjoyed it so much I listened again and again. Great stuff! Your web site looks great too. Very impressive! Are you no longer in Chicago? If so, I hope by now you are working in another major market because that’s where you belong.

I’m not sure if I was in Norfolk when you were there but I was the Clear Channel OM/PD for 103 Jamz from 2004-2007. Having been on the air and a programmer for many years, I still enjoy hearing great radio from real entertainers and you are certainly one of the best I’ve heard in a while!

Continued success,
Eric Mychaels
Voice Talent – Audio Producer
Bill Young Productions
750 Park Two Drive
Sugar Land, TX 77478
(281) 340-7451 Direct



I haven’t listened to your show for that long but i was just listening to it and i think i may start listening to it more often because of the conversation with that dj knuckles guy about the katy perry song. I fucking died laughing when you started with the vanilla ice track and drowning him out when he started trying to talk. Is there anywhere i can find the whole thing recorded so i can send it to other people that whole convo was super funny and i wanna send it to my friends back home in stl. If you could tell me where i could get it or send it to me that would be awesome!

Thanks for the laughs,



hi im the 14 year old girl that has just called you and i would like to talk to you about my situation!

ok well when i was 12 my real mom was highly addicted to drugs and we had no idea! because me and my brothers would live at my dads every week and then every other weekend she would come over and get me and my brothers! but one day she came over to our house and she went crazy! and she left us! and she never really thought about what she was doing and she doesnt know the mistake that shes made! she has signed all the papers that she doesnt want us and its a done deal! the only real big problem is, is that my little brother lives with her and i love him so much and its been about 2 and a half years since ive seen him or her! the funny thing is is that its her birthday today and im not going to call her because she never calls me on mine!

thank you julian



My name is Lizzette. I was listening to your show last evening during the deadbeat mom segment and let me tell you that i was almost in tears! It was so appauling to hear this woman, sorry, girl treat the situation with such disregard. I had to write you about it. I think this is something that should be aired so maybe, just maybe, someone equally ignorant out there may hear something of a reflection of themselves and make a change. Hopefully there was another deadbeat mom listening and heard how evil their actions seem. This is the kind of thing you may hear dads do but it’s so disgusting to hear a mother speak this way because it is such a closer bond. You brought this child to life through your body, how a mother could just not care about their baby daughter is just evil, evil and horrible. I was so pissed listening to that bad spanish accent having stupid girl! I wanted to jump through the radio and phone and kick her ass! I hope I come across a girl who is 21 with a baby daddy named Jamal and a daughter named Tanya. I promise, I am going to kick her ass- for Tanya! I never respond or write to anything like this but I was just so saddened and disgusted I had to. Let Laura know every woman in Chicago, and especially single moms like me, want to kick her ass!! I hope Tanya becomes rich and famous like Beyonce one day and spits in that girls face! Karma is a b$%& and hers is coming.

Thanks for letting me vent, I was just so upset by it.

My name is Erica and I’m from Orland Park. I love your night show! If people hate you on the radio then they should just turn the channel! I wish I could have met you at the summer bash but I was the girl who got beat up during Ciara’s performance. I got put into holding with my friend, my picture taken and kicked out what the hell. By the way I feel sorry for Adrian your friend that sucks to have $150.00 worth of parking tickets. Ha that’s what happens when you get drunk. Love ya Julian!



I just had to say, I was listening to the radio on Thursday night when you were on and that dad called in about how he hates how you say things that aren’t appropriate for an 11 year old. I am 110 percent on your side, he doesn’t have to listen to the radio, he has the free will to turn it off. Plus I’m sure she’s heard worse things at school than on the freakin radio! Then when you kept playing the music while he was talking and he was getting all mad, that had to be about the funniest thing I’ve ever heard on the radio. I was at the drive thru at Burger King and I was laughing so hard, the workers probably thought I was a moron. So I just wanted to say I was on your side and thanks for the great laughs tonight!



Love the show. your so funny and you make my night. Where can I if i can get a copy of the previous phone scam like in other words I want it from the other night like tuesday night Is there any way I can get a copy. can you e-mail me when you get a chance. thanks julian.



So this is now TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW where you have left me parked in my drive way, for 5 min. after I’ve pulled in, looking like a jack-ass laughing and banging on my steering wheel. FOR SURE my neighbors must think I am crazy! You always catch me with something funny when I’m about to exit my motor vehicle  Last night it was the guy who “won the restaurant rewards” that sure wasn’t funny for the girlfriend… but to me whoa no way! and then today with the saxophone!! HAHAHAHAAAA always keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Thank you!!


Not sure if you remember me, I emailed you back in january or February at my old email telling you thanks for doing what have done for raising money for Cystic Fibrosis because I have Cystic Fibrosis too. I also told you how i would sit in my car already at my destination listening to you. Still do! haha.. Anyways, I just thought i would send ya another email.

Sorry i been outa touch, been trying to keep healthy and just started with a personal trainer to help improve my lungs so my health will improve. Recently started a boring ass office job, it sucks. On air is probably way better then this! I should seriously look into getting into school so i can be in your shoes and enjoy my job.

I had a friend from England stay with me for a couple weeks in March and i got him addicted to you. Everytime we would get into the car he would be like is Julian on? it would be like 1pm and he would ask. It was funny. He got to listen to when you first started with Larry at Radio Shack. He came back over a couple weeks ago and I picked him up from the radio and as soon as he heard “B96″ he asked if you were on air.

The whole “Brianna and Sunji” is hilarious. but the by far best is when you were able to merge 2 phone calls into one so both businesses would get calls and they were getting pissed at each other.

Keep doin your thing.



Just so you know…I love your show. I think you are SO funny and it really makes my hour commute on the way home SO enjoyable. I think I laugh harder on my way home then I do all weekend! You don’t look anything like what I thought you would, but I just though I’d send some kudos your way! Don’t change and thanks!

I was listening like a couple minutes ago when amy called about her bf going to hawaii. Its crazy cuz my ex’s name is Jeremy too and he was a jackass too. We were together for a year and he told me everyday he loved me and would never cheat on me or leave me and gave me everything i wanted and i did the same. I went away to college university of iowa and left him in chicago and he broke up with me becuase he said if i loved him i would not go to iowa and stay with him in chicago. but its my future so i left.

i got a phone call one day from this girl named laura and i came to find out that the whole time me and jeremy started dating he also started dating this chik.

Julian I love jeremy with all my heart and it hurt so much for me to find this out. what hurts the most is that he acted like he didnt care. he was like oh well move on. i tried but it was hard i we did everything together and now i have to be on my own?

it was hard and till tis day i still cry about it. like 2 weeks ago i was talking to him and seeing him and he told me he would never go back to her, but last week he told me to fuck off and leave him alone and the girl threathened to kill me. she started saying shes pregnant so he wouldnt leave her and he blocked my number.

it hurts but i guess they deserve each other, at least im not the one dating the cheater anymore and i dont want to wish them bad things but i know they wont last long.

but thanks for the show i love listening to you everyday. i wish i could win some money sometimes but i never get a chance to call. LOVE YA keep up the good work!!!!



I just saw the news of the wonderful honor you received, and I’m so happy for you.

I remember your early days, and how raw you were. Most importantly you displayed a passion and drive that made a real impression on me from day one. It doesn’t surprise me to see how far you’ve come. Our business is really kind of blah these days. It’s very encouraging to see people like you climb the ladder and experience the taste of success. It also helps that you’re a “good guy.”

Hey Julian!!! Just wanted to say “THANK YOU!!!!”

I’m visiting from Evansville, IN for a few days and was listening to the DEAD BEAT DADS last night!!! OMG!!!!

I can’t believe that a dad would actually say that he is not getting a job so he doesn’t have his wages Garnished!!!!!

Great to hear something entertaining on the airwaves!!! -



Every once in a while, you do a segment in which you call up this brown man named Sanjay under the guise of some chick whose name escapes me now. Well, I think I know who Sanjay is and if I’m right, you called him last night around 7. I saw him at my neighbor’s BBQ and when his cell phone rang, he got up and walked away. Pretending not to listen in I heard him say something along the lines of “It’s so good to hear your voice” in that same accent I hear on the radio every few nights. I was soooo tempted to tell him he was talking to a man but I love laughing at him behind his back (note: he wants me in the pants). If you want to know anything else about Sanjay, call me!



what’s up julian! i’m a big fan of your show, i think you should have your own sitcom, because your freaken sweet. you are the best dj on b96. that’s all i have to say. peace out.



I just wanted to say Thank You for Joining our efforts to find a cure for Autism. The time that you donated for our Autism Benefit was very helpfull. It is nice to know that people that are in the entertainment business are aware and willing to help for a good cause. Thank You once again from us at Kendall Productions, Eclipse NightClub, and on behalf of Cure Autism Now/ Autism

great turn-out at 720 tonight! i was there for a cousin’s bday party (i think you sent a special shout-out to my ‘Asian-folk’ and took some pix with them). anyway, i rarely listen to the radio, but the few times i tuned on b96, you really made the work night go a lot quicker/entertaining. you’re a really funny guy! well, it was great seeing you at 720. wish i could have said all good things to you in person, but you seemed busy, and I’m sure you have fans that say more than enough. =) keep doing what you do….you rock!



Hi, I listened to your segment tonight about second dates. I recently went out with this guy on a blind date.

I’m hot and so was he but I left him two messages and haven’t heard back since…

He told my friend he thought I was sexy and he asked for my number before saying good-bye. Why did he ask for my number if he isn’t going to use it? I’m confused and it’s been a week with no response. He even texted me that same night saying that he wanted me soo bad. I’m like yeah right. Can you please give me some advice?



I was traveling between Chicago and Rochester last week and had a chance to hear your show for a couple of hours. I’m so amazed at the growth you’ve had over the past several years…I remember when you were starting out and sent me tape after tape. I knew you were going to hit it BIG !!!

I’m really impressed with how you’ve grown !!! You clearly have become Great at driving the show and getting the most outta those around you. You remind me a ton of Cubby formerly of Z 100.

I’m sure Chicago is in your future for a LONG TIME !!!



What up Julian?

Yo man, i gotta give you props first. I have been an avid listener of a number of radio stations in the Chi. I listen to WGCI 107.5, Power 92.3, Kiss FM 103.5, and of course, B96. Obviously, B96 and KISSFM are the closest between my 4 stations. A few years ago, I preferred KISSFM because you essentially play the same music, but i liked the DJ’s better on KISSFM. BUT, after you came on B96, NOTHING ELSE COMPARED. You are wayyyy better than anything else out there. You PWN Kiss’s DJ’s and now I listen to b96 a lot more than KissFM.

One of the main reasons i like B96 more than kissfm is because of how funny you are. I was just listening today and caught the end of your talk with that manager—I loved it thought it was hilarious. Just wondering if there is anyway i can read the whole conversation online?

Keep up the Good work man,



ok, i listened to the radio the other night and i think it was u who played the conversation between ur made up girl and sangi! hahah that was one of the funniest things i think ive ever heard!! please! i dont listen to the radio that often at night! is there anyway u can play it again or somethin? or put it on the site so i can listen to it? ive been thinkin about it for days! i laugh at work everyday about it! please…gimme SOMETHING! and i wanna know what happened next too!! if u cant do it thats aite..ur still awsome.



Hi Julian,
Are you the one who made up Brianna? I think Brianna & Sanjee’s “love story” is very funny! I seem to always miss it when they are on the radio.

Last I heard was they were suppose to meet at a club in Naperville. Did that ever happen? What’s the latest on them? Please please i need an update! And what time do they come on?

i listen to you every night and you are the coolest radio dj that ive ever listened to and you are the main reason i listen to b96 and this is so crazy ive never talked to anyone as well known as you like this on myspace and to me this is just one of the coolest things ever and i hope i get to meet you at the b96 summer bash!!!






This is what it’s all about, REACTION and NOTICING in this media filled world of DISTRACTIONS

It was evident that who ever was the radio host jockey on Friday, 4/13/2007 around 8:30pm didn’t like Sanjaya Malakar. I don’t know his name but he could have just left it at “Why is Sanjaya still on American Idol?”. Because of his lack of intellegence, he didn’t have much to elaborate on why Sanjaya should not be on American Idol. Instead, he had to attack his ethnicity and the whole entire Indian community by making a skit of some Indian guy named Sanjeeb, with a thick Indian accent, taking votes on the American Idol hotline and changing them to votes for Sanjaya. I don’t know why your radio station jockey had to use the stereo type of an Indian person having a thick Indian accent because Sanjaya doesn’t even have an accent. I find it not only offensive that your radio host jockey had to attack the whole entire Indian community just to downgrade Sanjaya but very ignorant too. Not many Indians have that thick Indian accent. Even if many Indians did, that should not be used just to attack one talented Indian individual that made your radio host jockey so jealous that he ended up portraying his ignorance towards the Indian community.

I am not going to make this into a Don Imus like scenario because I am not asking your radio host jockey to be fired. I think he and B96 needs to apologize to the Indian community by using the stereo type of a typical Indian with a thick accent. I know you wouldn’t attack a black singer on American Idol by using a stereo type applied to the black community. So why should you be able to do it to the Indian community, Chinese community, or any other community?




I totally miss you! Hot995 has gone nothing but downhill. I hope Chicago appreciates and loves you as much as we did.

Take Care,



I log into B96 website and listen to the radio everyday and guess what?

I’m all the way in the other round of the world here in sunny Singapore.

You’re amazingly funny. Always manage to crack me up while I’m at work staring at endless Microsoft Visio and Excel sheets!

Keep up the good work!



Hey Julian,

How are you? All your DC fans miss you a lot even though it’s been a while. I was really shocked one night when DSmoove was filling in your spot and kept doing the freak show for weeks and weeks. I finally gave in and then realized you weren’t on vacation but that you left. I forgot about your page-julian on the radio but just recently I visited the page and finally today wanted to write you. You probably don’t remember but I listened to your show almost every night to call in during the Hot 5 @ 9 and thanks to you I won a lot of stuff. Yup, remember XXXXX from Gaithersburg? I was a daily caller, listener to your show. Well, I just wanted to say hi and hope things are going good for you in Chicago. Like I said we still miss the old hot freakshow, also the hot morning mess, KT Harris, and Albie Dee.

Well, take care.



Hey Julian

I txted you earlier.. i’m the girl who caught her bf cheating the same day i was going to tell him i was PREGNANT!!

i actually lost the baby last month on november 13th 2006. i had a medical abortion because of HIM. He tried to tell his friends that I cheated on him but i NEVER EVER did (and his friends knew that) so he told them i was lying about the pregnancy and then they started to txt me mean things and calling me at odd hours HARRASSING ME!! i BEGGED him to go to the doctors with me.. but he was always “too busy.” I gave him the ultrasound picture so he could see it. I showed him where the baby was. i told him, “listen, ill forgive everything.. we have been together for a year and this is life-changing. its either me or her” and he “chose” me.

His friends and his obsession with strippers (and God knows what else) and his other “ladies” really got to me and i broke down and i decided i needed to get him out of my life completely. i know that if i kept that baby i would never get to where i want in life and i know that he wouldnt even acknowledge us. i have soooooo much regret for doing that but i could not bring another life onto this earth knowing that its daddy was a lying cheating a$$hole!!

So its been a month since i lost my angel.. =[ and now he has ANOTHER girl he’s been kicking it with!! Well I’m done with him.. he’s not worth my time. No one deserves to be put through those kind of things. Also, keeping the baby would mean a constant reminder of the guy. And that was definately the last thing i needed.

so thats my story..

thanks for taking the time to read this. i hope nobody ever goes through this sort of thing again (even though its kind of inevitable.)



heey you know i listen to yerr show every day and frankly i lOVE IT!!! u make ppl laugh and dat is something we have in common. i just dont get why ppl hate u so much is it jealousy or envy?? Anyways its not your fault all those haters live with their moms @ the age of 32 =} Much love to u from your homegirl sara =}





Cray show last night man, CRAZY FUCKEN SHOW!!! I knew I put you on my top 8 for A reason man. I could call tha real funny personalitys right when I see one, I’m telling you, I know who’s creative and I know who’s just FUCKEN corney and you my man are more creative then Bill Gates…I’m actually shocked B96 took you in, you don’t fit tha format you know…Take care man and keep doing what you do….ps…If you get A chance help A hungry rapper out and thorw my song Myspace or Lingerie on your page yea????????



Julian – First of all i want to say your evening show on b96 is awesome, there are times i find myself sitting in the car already at my destination just listening. I was looking around on your website and something caught my eye in the 411 section. The part that caught my eye was how you assisted in raising over $30,000 in the fight against cystic fibrosis. That caught my eye because I have Cystic Firbrosis. I have had it ever since i was 3 weeks old. I am currently 20 right now 21 next month. I just want to say thanks so much for helping out the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Another reason why im sending a message is because I am interested in being on the radio as a Radio DJ or something along those lines, like what you do. So how would i go about doing this? Any information would be great. thanks alot.



hey julian,

i was listening to your segment tonight about deadbeat dads and my mom walked in. my dad is also one. so she was listening and her face just lit up after you called the dad of the listener’s children and stood up to him. my mom is owed more that $100,000 and lives in colorado. my mom has been trying to chase him, but can’t because we don’t have enough money to. when you called that bret guy and i saw my mom’s face it made me want to do something to help out my mom. i think that your segment helped my mom progress especially through this hard time. so i just wanted to thank you for your encouragement to get people to finally stand up to deadbeat dads. thank you so much!


Hey Julian i heard your show about Dead Beat Fathers. I think that story was one of the most harsh stories because of the people it invloves 2 little kids that really sucks. You really did a job handling that situation and talking to the Asshole that was denying his kids (i wish i could kiss his ass). I think that the mother should get a lawyer and send his ass to prison. But it was great the way you handled that situation because you do have the balls to confront an asshole like him. what you should do is give his phone number out and have the listeners call him and complain to him. But once again you did a really good, no one else would of done that.



hey whats up! I just wanted to say that i listened to your bit about Sunjii and how brianna stood him up at the mall because her mom was sick and yada yada! hahahah! it was hilarious!

anyway! ive had a terrible terrible day, but i was listening to you on my way home from work and i just wanted to thank you SO much for making me laugh and smile!

Sunjii sounds JUST like my chemistry teacher with that Indian accent thing and that class is a big part of my problems right now, lol.. so hopefully i can loosen up in class without stressing and just think of him as a poor little sunjii!!

thanks again!




Man i just wanna let u know that i listen to u all the time and u are too funny!!!! All the lil prank calls and joke u play on people are just too funny! My favorite one had to be when u played it off to be a femae and had a guy goin on the phone and u convinced him to meet u at Woodfield Mall at 11pm!!! Just wanna say GREAT JOB! Keep it up!






hey Julian… the more i listen to you.. the more hillarious you get!! keep up all the good calls. i love when u prank call places and give them hell!



Whats up man, this is XXXXXX. I heard the deadbeat dads bit on the radio, and I like what your doing I wish it wasnt something that needed to be done but it is and unfortunately there will always be losers out there that dont Cowboy the Fuck Up and take care of there responsibilities. I want to know if Brett has ever took into consideration that that 7 year old boy believes that he is his Dad, thats the reality in his mind. Right or wrong it doesnt matter that boy is going to bed at night blaming himself probably thinking that its somehow his fault. Brett, stop being selfish and be a father. If you truly believe its not yours than get a preternity test done. Until then, and you should be doing this now treat that little boy as if he was yours. Would it kill you to show him how to play ball or make it to see him at least once every couple of weeks. Tell him you love him and its not his fault. And “IF” he’s not yours you should STILL be there for him because he is just a little boy and he needs a dad.



Julian I like the segment “Deadbeat Dads” keep calling these punks out. Good work man.



You may not remember me im XXXXX’s next door neighbor (XXXXXX AKA Devilchild)we met around December of last year. I came to the station with her one day. Anyway I just wanted to say that WE MISS YOU HERE IN VA AND MD!!!! No one can ever replace you!! At hot 99.5 .. Ever since you left hot 99.5 has been going down runed into the ground. People have stopped listening. Grooves is basically ruining the show trying to be as good as you. I guess that is all i can say we really wish you would come back but we know ur not so im sorry things didnt work out as planed. I hope your really happy out there.I also hope your doing good.Bye Bye For Now ttyl



What’s Up my Ninja,

Listen man, Thank you, Thank you for being on the radio. I listen to you almost everyday.

I also want to say something about that B-Dog, whatever wannabe, you know there are two kind of people work at Old Navy, Girls and Fruits, you know what I mean. You should call him B-Fruity-Dog and this is how we go down.



hey waz up man i start to listen B96 at 7:00 pm all the time cause u make this station alot better and funnier aight then i gotta go



hey whats up man. First I just wanted to say that your the bomb and I love you. Um…I have been out of town for a while I came back yesturday and heard something about and on-line petition for my husbands “justin timberlake” tour, and that you were gonna call his manager…..since Im too late for the petition I was wondering how the call went….would you be able to talk about it on the radio sometime….I would love to hear what he said…..thanks!!!!!!

love always…..Mrs. Timberlake

thanks for doing that whole dumping boyfriend thing on the air that was so cool, im so glad i got rid of his sorry @$$ but just encase you dont remember me my name is XXXXX we called him on the radio his name was XXXX well just to let you know he hasnt called or anything so thanks he was so embarresed his friends were making fun of him and everything….. Love u, your the $hit…



Man i just wanna let u know that i listen to u all the time and u are too funny!!!! All the lil prank calls and joke u play on people are just too funny! My favorite one had to be when u played it off to be a femae and had a guy goin on the phone and u convinced him to meet u at Woodfield Mall at 11pm!!! Just wanna say GREAT JOB! Keep it up!



OMG I think you are soooo funny. I laughed so hard yest. nite when you called that guy Sanjay pretending to be Britney **that shit was hilarious ~I mean granted I was pretty blown when I was listening to it but for real that shit was tooo funny I couldnt believe you didnt bust out laughing. Anyway just wanted to let you know I heart your show! Im gonna have to call you up one of these days HALLA



Dude what happened? you were sooo awesome. they have gotten so many new people at 99.5
it kinda sucks now lol. so how are things? just wanted to say hi and that I miss listening to the freek show.
now its called the hot freek show with grooves or something (I don’t even listen any more that much) lol anyways so he has this weird song now, nothing like the little song you had that was like “hot freek show with julian!” yeah its kinda hard to explain haha. but it sounded like a midget or something lmao.
So yeah it’s not even funny any more I miss listening to you diss people lol. well yeah now marc and chris are gone too and this new guy “kane” is coming.
well I hope your doing good in Chicagoooo.
you no you loved DC way better! Smiley with tongue out emoticon

I just wanted to say I dont really listen to B96(sorry) but I DO listen when youre on the radio….You are hilarious!! What you did with that guy that was obsessed with Kandy(you know how you pretended you were her and made plans to have him meet her at the Gurnee mall!!) I thought that was great, If you remember right I was the one that called to give you props on that!!! Also the one were you kept interupting that guy that was making the message for the other girl.. I think you should definetly stay on the radio cuz otherwise I’d probably not listen to b96 at all sorry to say…I love ya dude! keep in touch, you can text me if you want XXXXXXXXXX crazy digets right!!LOL Ur the best!



This dude is out of his mind! He must be attracting the hoes because most of the single moms I know go to the club to have fun not to find losers like him. The majority of single moms have kids that have come out of a relationship, not just because they slept with someone and had a kid. And for this moron to say that all we are looking for is a daddy for our kids, and we should b at home taking care of them what about all the deadbeat dads that are out there looking for another baby mama? How many kids this dude got out there that he ain’t taking care of? This guy needs to check himself cuz after tonight he ain’t gonna have no females with or without kids. He just messed up his already messed up game. LOSER!!!!!



Hiiii. Just to let you know hot 995 is turning into crap now. No more teapot time, and the new interns groove, arent as good as u were…i miss the hot freak show, that show was the shit! Hope everything is going well at the new radio station….they are really lucky to have you. Take care…



Man i just wanna let u know that i listen to u all the time and u are too funny!!!! All the lil prank calls and joke u play on people are just too funny! My favorite one had to be when u played it off to be a femae and had a guy goin on the phone and u convinced him to meet u at Woodfield Mall at 11pm!!! Just wanna say GREAT JOB! Keep it up!

Julian, I can’t believe you’re really gone from Hot 99.5. Your replacement is fine, but no one really compares to you. And KT Harris too. I know Chicago will love you!!!!!



Puhaha, so i was listening to you on my way home from work tonight about hermaphrodites… LOL! the way you fucked with that man “Russ” was too funny. yea, sometimes i think you’re a JERK, but you’re not a jerk to me cuz i never call so i find it funny. sadistic? Maybe a lil.

i see that you moved here during the summer. if you enjoyed the humidity (which i know you really didn’t.. who enjoys humidity?!) you’ll love our winters!!

i just hope you don’t drive to work.

ps: aren’t you ever afraid that you might get fired or does B96 actually find it amusing? do you never get any warnings from the boss?!



I was just listening to your segment on “Dead beat moms” and I have to say that i am disgusted with Rosana or Roxana (which ever one it is). I’m 24 yrs old and I just had a baby girl a month ago. I cant imagine my life without her. Rosana is not human. How can she be so selfish? Clubbing?? I cant believe the things she was saying. I used to be a big club head up until the minute i found out i was pregnant. Now my life has changed for the better. Will clubbing matter when she’s 40? My daughter makes me so happy. Happier than 5 hours of dancing and drinking would ever make me feel. This girl needs to get a clue about life.



I’m a 34 yr old single parent of a daughter that is 16. We had turned you on one night. You had us rollin. I was laughing so hard that I started crying. You are so hilarious. It was the time you had a guy call in a had a complaint about the way you were talking to a 13 yr old about some realistic issues. Then he wanted to talk to your boss and you just kept messing with him. You are so good on the radio! Keep up the good work and keep my daughter and me laughing…




My name is Rose, a dedicated listener, especially of the Hollywood Freak Show. I am Asian, and at one point was embarrassed to admit it. Julian’s example of his proudness in heritage helped me to find pride in my heritage too.

Listening to Julian made my hard times bearable, being a nurse, I’ve seen a kid die in front of my eyes. Some nurses grow cold, but I think the laughter that Julian brought through his shows, helped me deal.

I never called to tell him Thank you, If you can help me thank him, I’d much appreciate it.

I noticed he’s no longer on Hot 99, is there anything that can be done to get him back?

I have no money, but I am a good beggar.

Me and My broken heart,




Hey J! Just wanted to let you know that the freak shows not the same without you! It really isnt:( Dc really misses you! I miss you…The new guy…well he’s new and he doesn’t know the area or the people or anything… mostly all he talks bout is surveys that he finds on the Internet. i mean they’re cool and all but they get a little old! And I know this might be a little mean…but he tries to be funny but he’s not! He kind of has a fake personality. You…you were for real…thats what i loved bout you! So if you’re ever in town…hit me up… my cell number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Hallah back! much love to ya from people in DC, peace:)





You are sincerely missed in VA…You were our dog and the guy we enjoyed listening to every night…the new guy is a freakin idiot with nothing going for him. He’s not funny, doesn’t do cool pranks, and has nothing interesting to say or do….PLEASE come back home to DC where your ass belongs…..PLEASEEEEEEEEEE Or I will be very disappointed in you for leaving us with nothing….But a fake white boy…

Britt (AKA the girl who told you she likes to be caught cheating)



Hey man,

I’m a radio Promotions Coordinator in Vancouver (use to live in Chicago) and I was listening to you during your first week on B96. You had some guy that wanted to come down to the studio and fight you. That was the BEST call I’ve EVER heard on the air, are you able to mp3 me that call?

I enjoy your show.

Have a good one.






Hot 99.5 Fan Mail

Love Emails Like These!

I’ve been listening to your show for some time now and I have come to the conclusion your are a complete dumbass. You talk all big and bad on the radio as if you were all that……I looked on the website of 99.5 to see what this ass clown looked like, all I could do was laugh. I saw this geeky looking guy that belonged on the movie revenge of the nerds. Do us all a favor and get the sex change done, you already sound like a girl…..your half way there………….





Sounds like you finally got some “class”…from what I’ve heard lately, you haven’t been acting like an ass. You’ll get better results with class then you will with some harlem wanna be attitude, don’t lower yourself, put yourself on a higher level.

By the way Hot 99.5 chics are HOT!!





Sent: Fri 9/24/2004 4:15 PM
To: Nieh, Julian
Subject: Food Lion – Rockville

Hey Julian, I’ve had several managers from Food Lion call this week about the stunt you did the other day who were very upset and wanted to call the police on us. I have promised them that we will not do any more stunts there. PLEASE MAKE SURE WE DO NOT DO ANY MORE STUNTS THERE, please choose other supermarket chains to do stunts at.

Thanks Julian.
Promotions Director, HOT 99.5




Subject: War of the Roses

Hi Julian,

I was just listening to your show and heard the “hardbody jake” story (or whatever his name was) on the “Sticky Situations” segment, and think it was one of the greatest things I’ve ever heard. Amazing!!! Please keep up the good work.

Is there anyway you could post the audio clip of that whole thing on the website, or send it to me as a file? I would love to pass it on to my friends, and listen to it again for my own enjoyment. It was absolutely classic.

Thanks, and keep it up!!



Subject: Response to the girl who has a problem with weight lifters

Dear Julian:

Obviously, this girl has no self esteem and is just in this for attention because she doesn’t get any. I mean, I don’t lift weights full time but I do practice martial arts that involves lifting weights and it’s hard work. She probably insulted those weight lifting girls because she can’t pick up a toothpick without breaking all of her limbs!

She told the other girl that confronted her on your show that she should rethink her sexuality. Well, maybe this Sarah bitch should rethink her own sexuality. When I started having sexual thoughts toward girls, I acted just as immature and sucky as her. She obviously needs therapy

Also: how old is she? She’s sounds like a 5 year old, coming on the radio and bitching about her bigot beliefs. I hope a group of lesbians tracks down her ass and beats her up. What an ass.

You should have hung up on her. Seriously.



Hey Julian-

You’ve made me love the radio again, your show’s awesome — love the music, crave the laughs.

Nice to know it’s an Asian brotha on the air.



Subject: Chinese restaurant prankJulian

The other night I was listening to your show and you called two chineese restraunts at the same time and had them battle it out with each other at least five times, I was laughing so hard my cheeks were hurting for an hour. I was telling my husband about it and I wanted to find an on air bit on it, can you post it? That was the best radio prank I have ever herd.



SUBJECT: Girls getting pregnant to keep their man
Date: 2006-02-27
Time: 20:21:25 -0500


This has got to be one of the most pathetic things I’ve heard women do. I’m a woman by the way, so to hear that girls do this is not surprising but still sad. Aside from the points you made that it’s a form of blackmail, I think it’s a horrible act b/c the person who suffers is the innocent kid. If the guy does stay b/c of the kid, but neither of the two people in the relationship wanted the child, then they’ll raise the kid half-heartedly. And what if the guy decides NOT to stay, then what happens? The child gets to be raised in a single parent envirnoment, not to say that is a bad thing, but it makes it all the more difficult to raise a child and give it the opportunities the child deserves. Even worse the woman might end up resenting the kid by thinking things like “you didn’t help me keep my man and now I’m stuck with you”, which will result in a rocky future for both. I feel sorry for the kid, the child is innoncent and never asked the woman to use him/her as a bargaining chip for a troubled relationship. This is a disgusting act done by sad women.

There you are, my two cents put in.  I would’ve called but the phone lines are always packed.

BTW, love your show and love the fact that you’re crushing sterotypes for Asians and Asian-Americans. I’m studying to be a speech pathologist and I’m a Vietnamese woman born in Northern VA. The other day at work I actually had a customer comment to me after I had introduced myself (I work part-time in a restuarant), “Wow, I half expected you to speak with an accent”. After I brought their drinks to the table they said, “You speak English so well” and I told them “Yes, I was born here”. They finally finished by saying “Well, that’s good for you”. All I could think was ‘thanks for approving of my birthplace? and How do you live in NOVA and say that outloud to someone?!’

Bravo again for having a funny and interesting show. Love hearing your show when I catch it on the radio!



SUBJECT: you’re show
Date: 2006-03-01
Time: 22:43:22 -0500


just wanted to let u know how much i enjoy you’r husband has been in georgetown hosp.for 4 month and i usually catch you’r show at 7:30 on the ride the worst times when i felt like crying you’r radio antics have always made me laugh.keep it up! i’ll be listenin,



SUBJECT: My Ride Home
Date: 2006-03-29
Time: 19:12:58 -0500



Just wanted to say thanks for making my ride home from Chantilly, VA to Bethesda, MD a bit more bearable. You’re funny as hell and it’s great to listen to some good tunes, have a few laughs, and just unwind. Not too long ago, I won tickets to Shamrock fest by calling you. Thanks for giving them to me! I love Arlington and am finally moving this saturday on April 1 to the Meridian right next to Courhouse Square. Have more Hot 99.5 events in Arlington! You have to admit, it’s a fun ass place. Let’s just hope I meet a damn man there… a woman has needs too!



SUBJECT: march 30
Date: 2006-03-30
Time: 23:05:42 -0500


So I was listening to 99.5 today with my girlfriend because she happens to like the music on there, I personally don’t no offence or anything, not my style. Anyway, I just thought it was kind of rude of you to talk to a caller like you did today. There really is no point in trying to be the trendy smartass douchebag to a stranger and I know that if I was head of the station I would probably fire you. I don’t want to start anything with you, especially over the internet which is prolly a bit more stupid to do than over the phone like you did but I guess I’m saying that I didn’t like your station to begin with but now I just have one more reason to hate it. Assholes like you. My generation is already fucked. They don’t need people like you teaching them to fuck people over.

If you read this far, Congrats.




Sent: Thu 4/6/2006 8:27 PM
Subject: Comments re: “tramp tattoo”

Hi Julian,

First I gotta say, I LOVE YOU!!!! You are the best! Always crack me up….

All right, I have been trying to call in for a while and I really have to get back to packing (I’m moving on Saturday), so I decided to write. It’s my first time writing in on a radio subject, but I’m seriously pissed about what that loser had to say. So here’s my response:

Sir, hasn’t anyone ever told you of the dangers of over-generalizing about a particular set of individuals? I mean, how many of these “tramp-stamped” girls could you have possibly have dated to have reach such a conclusion about the whole population of women with lower-back tattoos? Where is your evidence? How many cities did you cover in your scientifically stratified random sampling of the population to come up with such conclusive determinations about ALL WOMEN WITH LOWER BACK TATTOOS? I’ll add myself to the large group of women madly calling in and writing about how very wrong you are: I graduated cum laude with a BA in political science after just 4 years in college. I graduated highschool at a younger age than most. I read every day, I’m up on all my news… So, I?m most obviously well educated…and I have plans to attend law school very soon. I work at a law firm. I make a good amount of money. And I’m hot, gotta a hot yoga body. AND, I’m about the furthest thing from a tramp or ho or slut or whatever the hell you called me. Just because a few of these girls broke your heart, that doesn’t mean you have to lash out against all women like that—that will just add time to the amount you’ll spend alone and lonely LOSER. And just because you treat women like tramps, that does not make them tramps.

That’s all. I really held back…I wanted to cuss him out but I realized that that would not demonstrate my intelligence very well.

Best regards Julian