Hola! Greetings!  Annyeonghaseyo! Kon’nichiwa!  How about a plain Waddup! My name is Julian On The Radio. Thanks for taking the time to visit my home. This is the place where I share with you a little bit about me. Stalkers you have an open invitation :)


Where Are You From?


Born and raised in the Nations Capitol.   I did internships in TV, and Radio while I went to college there.  Shouts to George Mason University!  After putting in work I got to actually get part-time on the radio in my hometown which was huge for me. After working in some small towns I eventually landed back in my hometown of Washington DC working for a Top 40 station, HOT 995.  I really had some wild times on the radio there.  I’d say I’m still wild just in a different way.  If you get a chance take a listen to how I used to sound from those days.  After 4 years, Chicago’s B96 came calling and for me to take nights to an all new ratings high.  I than started calling myself “The Night Ninja”.  Maybe because I got my blackbelt when I was 13 and I wanted to relive those memories.  Maybe cause I scale walls and can disappear with ninja stars and smoke bombs POOF!!:)  After a buncha years the ninja moved up to the Morning Ninja in Chicago.  And, after a buncha years here I am!


What Kind Of Person Are You?


A sexy sassy one!!:)  Well, definitely not sexy, but I promise you this 5’5 Asian is the goofiest, sillies person you’ll ever meet!  I don’t take life to seriously and love the simple things in life.  I’m also super big people person.  I love meeting people of different ethnic backgrounds for sure.  Did I mention, I LOVE reppin for my culture?  Not enough Asians in the media thats what I say.  I think for me it’s part of what makes life incredible.  Experiences in the differences in people.  I absolutely love it!


Oh, by the way I don’t drink or smoke.  Honestly, when I try to even drink I turn bright red like an apple.  I think it’s an Asian thing.  Give me a sip of a shot, or a few sips of beer and I’ll show you a face that glows in the dark LOL!


What Do You Like To Do?


I’m super simple.  I LOVE LOVE FOOD.  I’m the type to watch “Chopped”, or “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”, and want to go to the actual spot!  I actually traveled to Louisville one time to eat at Lynn’s Paradise Cafe which was profiled on the show.  DOPE.  I’m also the type of guy to watch The Bachelor, Millionaire MatchMaker, and Washington Heights.  Yea Yea, I’m definitely not the type to watch sports on TV.   I would prefer any romantic girly show any day.  What can I say I guess I’m sensitive ladies:)


Aside from food, and TV, I love going to comedy shows.  I actually did stand up 2x.  Man OH Man you wanna see BAD?  Email me maybe I’ll show ya HA!


I’m also a HUGE sneaker collector/fan of streetwear fashion/all of it.  I collect mainly Nike Air Max 90′s, Premiums, 1′s, Dunks, and specific Jordan’s.  I’d say my collection stands close to 300 pair.  Come by the crib sometime I’ll show ya!


I think I got that from my Momma.  She was a fashion designer back in the day.  She designed dresses for Miss Virginia, and her boutique was called “Fashions by Christina”.  My Dad, is a brain.  When I say that he attended MIT, and UCLA for grad school.  I barely graduated college!  I was definitely on the 6 year plan.  My family would say I was more of the “creative one”, or some would say “peculiar, and odd”.


I say be loud and proud!  Pursue whatever your dreams you have 3Hunna!  LOL.


Top 5 Movies


-Can’t Hardly Wait

-10 Things I Hate About You

-Breakfast Club

-Say Anything

-The Break Up


Top 5 Artists



-Chance The Rapper

-Kids These Days


-Imagine Dragons



If ya ever need me for anything if I can I will.  If we haven’t met yet when we do we’re homies for life!  Thats the kind of guy I am.

2 Fingaz:)


-Julian On The Radio


Interested parties can contact me at 1-866-LITTLE-EGG-ROLLS ext : R-SEXY


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